Front End Developer

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Type: Permanent
  • Job #1094

The successful Front-End Developer will:

  • Build components using the cutting edge of front-end technologies
  • Work closely with the team to determine the best balance between components that do too much, and re-usability
  • Work in a collaborative instead of competitive environment
  • Always be striving to learn and improve.
  • Find ways to work smarter instead of harder. We're not just interested in making it "look good enough" – we want to make ourselves better coders.

You Must Have:

  • Hands on experience with JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks
  • Knowledge and experience using the flux pattern
  • Experience with IDE development tools, source control systems (GitHub, GitLab) and debugging tools
  • Experience working with Restful APIs
  • Experience working on a team along with other people
  • Advanced Javascript experience beyond simple DOM manipulation
  • Desire for the truth, no ego involved with development
  • Desire to learn, not afraid of new technologies where appropriate (of course we balance that against the stability and support of older technologies)

Nice to have

  • Worked with React / Redux
  • Comfortable using JSX/ES6/CSS/Typescript
  • Knowledge of webpack, npm, yarn, etc…
  • Experience working with Redux-Forms, Redux Sagas and Material-Ui
  • Experience with immutability / pure functions / function composition / functional language
  • At least keep a finger on the pulse of new tech, willingness to consider new opportunities, not merely satisfied with the status quo
  • Experience inheriting / debugging a complex, vanilla js / jquery codebase and feeling the pain of side effects